The Park & Playground


Marla Dorrel Park consists of 2-acre, accessible Kids Together Playground with picnic shelter; an open field and concrete slab for play; a basketball court and parking facilities - all on a 16-acre parcel of land. A paved trail, part of Cary's extensive system of greenways, connects Marla Dorrel Park to MacDonald Woods Park, crossing US1 & 64 via a pedestrian bridge. Marla Dorrel Park and Kids Together Playground are owned and maintained by the Town of Cary. The park is open from sunrise to sunset, every day.

Picnic Shelter Rental

The picnic shelter at KTP (capacity 40) is available for rental through the Town of Cary. Rental is based on an hourly rate; there is a 2-hour minimum. To find out more or make your reservation, contact any of the Community Centers in Cary, including the Herbert C. Young Community Center, 919-460-4965.

Three play zones -
Preschool Play, School Age Discovery & School Age Active Play

  • Climbing structures with graduated levels of difficulty
  • Wheelchair accessible Sand Table
  • Preschool River of Sand
  • Sand Scoopers
  • BBQ Grill
  • Fenced Preschool Play Zone
  • Accessible chair swings
  • Infant swings
  • Playhouses
  • Climbable Dragon Sculpture (named KATAL)
  • Shaded picnic area
  • Picnic shelter

Universal Design to Provide Accessibility for Special Needs

Applying the principles of Universal Design, Kids Together Playground assures ease of mobility for everyone. Winding paths and ramps are integrated into the design; chair swings are side-by-side with traditional-style swings; varied surfacing on walkways provides textural cues; and lush landscaping appeals to the senses of sight, touch and smell. Restroom facilities include adult-size changing tables and extra room for wheelchairs and strollers.

To learn more about Universal Design, see our Links.

Combining Play with the Natural Environment

Kids Together Playground could be described as "a playground in a garden" or "a garden in a playground". The extensive use of landscaping features - trees, plants and rolling hills - makes Kids Together Playground unique and inviting for all generations of visitors at all times of the year. Plants at KTP have been specially chosen to be child-friendly, with a stimulating variety of colors, textures and fragrances. Plants provide natural materials - leaves, sticks, seeds and flowers - that can be used in creative and imaginative play. (Yes! We want and expect children to interact with the plants!) As you enjoy the plantings at Kids Together Playground, say a "thank you" to our designers: Little & Little Landscape Architects in Raleigh, and Robin Moore, Director of the Natural Learning Initiative and Professor of Landscape Architecture PhD Program at NC State University. And don't forget Cary's Public Works team that keeps everything at KTP in tiptop shape! To find out more about our design team and the Natural Learning Initiative, see our Links.

Art for Play

As Kids Together raised funds for playground construction, another community group, Cary Visual Art, joined the effort by commissioning and funding artwork for Kids Together Playground. This added dimension was the perfect complement and brought even greater opportunities for kids to explore creative and imaginative play. By expressing their interest and commitment during the design phase, Cary Visual Art was able to work with our design team to reserve spaces for functional art. When you visit KTP, you'll see the results of CVA's outstanding commitment. To learn more about Cary Visual Art, see our Links.

KATAL - by William Moore, Pittsboro, NC


This multi-piece sculpture invites children of all ages to climb aboard. There's an especially cozy spot in the curl of KATAL's tail! CVA held a contest for children to name the sculpture and KATAL was born, as an acronym for Kids Are Together At Last. Many children identify KTP as "the Dragon Park". This wonderful sculpture also inspired the Kids Together mascot.

Oracle Benches and Dinosaur Bench -

by Jim Gallucci, Greensboro, NC

Oracle Bench Dinosaur Bench

The oracle bench invites interactive fun - whisper into one trumpet-shaped tube, and your friend on the other end can hear you! It's designed so wheelchair-users can play, too. The bright purple dinosaur bench adds color and a resting place near the toddler swings.

Botanical Benches -

by Rodney Carroll, Baltimore, MD

Ginkobiloba Bench Sassafras Bench Redbud Bench Tulip Poplar Bench

Giant, aluminum leaves decorate these four benches, each one accurately representing the leaves of a different tree - gingko, sassafras, redbud and tulip poplar.

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