The Organization

Kids Together, Inc., is an all-volunteer, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1995 for the purpose of raising funds and building public awareness in support of Kids Together Playground in Cary, North Carolina. Begun primarily as a fundraising vehicle, Kids Together today promotes use of the playground, presents special activities and events at the playground and develops and funds projects to improve and enhance the Kids Together Playground experience.

Kids Together raised nearly $300,000 toward the creation of Kids Together Playground and since the playground's opening in 2000 has contributed more than $15,000 in improvements, including shade structures, additional landscaping and an engraved granite map placed at the entrance. Most recently, Kids Together contributed $46,000 toward completion of the Misting Garden.

As stewards of Kids Together Playground, we work in partnership with the Town of Cary to assure that this public facility continues to serve as a nationally-acclaimed model for excellence in accessible outdoor play.

Our Officers and Board of Directors

President: ... Marla Dorrel
Vice President: ... Bruce Brown
Secretary: ... Paul Zevgolis
Treasurer: ... Pat Fish
Directors: ... Willa Brigham
... Kristy Burns
... Sue Chaploney
... Karen Gray
... Poonam Gupta
... Jane MacNeela
... Rose Reif
... Terry Rumley

Directors serve three-year, staggered terms and are elected at the Kids Together Annual Meeting, held each year on the third Tuesday in April. Interested in serving on our Board? Contact Us!

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